9 ideas for “kustomizing” that ride

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Customizing a ride, to the owners desired look, feel, and taste; is definately not a one size fits all, situation.  From Rims to Paint, to the ever elusive interior upholstery work that can be a difference in Prize and Nightmare for the custom owner crowd.

What many do not realize is that even the floor mats, and stickers on the back glass are  customizers that many people, that own vehicle, add or do to make their ride personable, and to meet their desire of “their look and appeal.”

Some of the more common ways to customize your ride are things like paint, aftermarket rims, and aftermarket add ons- such as the bumper guards, lowering blocks, aftermarket sound systems, even the add-on center console.

Here are my choice ways to “kustomize” that ride, even if you are “kustomizing on a budget,”

  1.   Lowering or Lifting-  Yes!  We all do it.  I am known for it.  Lowering or Lift a vehicle right after I purchase them.  For instance, I bought a Dodge Ram truck, from a young kid, who had placed a 3″ body lift under the truck.  That one thing, I will always do to any standard Dodge Ram Truck I purchase.  I always give them a 3″ body lift just to improve the ride.  The Ram Truck ride improvement with a basic 3″ lift, is hands down, 90-nothing.
  2. Airbags-  No, I am not talking about switches—although they do use the comfort of the air bag suspension commonly found in a Commercial tractor —- These airbags are slightly smaller for the automotive application.  Typically, they are found operating with electric air pumps to keep the air suspension properly maintained during those long winding rides of joy.  No need to add switches, switches are for show; this is practical purposing.
  3. Custom Bumpers-  We have all seen those custom bumpers, front and back are applicable.  Many aftermarkets are better designed and better for purposes needed or needing the front and back bumpers improved.
  4. Body Kits-  The manufacturers make aftermarket body kits for all types of looks designs and applications.  Body Kits are typically found in the “Tuner”, or Race community.  These kits give an aerodynamic look and feel of those fast rally cars.  Be careful though, just because you have one does not mean you would not lose to that “sleeper.”  Yeah, you know the one.
  5. Lights-  Lights can be upgraded or customized-  as small as changing out the white factories, to a pleasurable blue, green, yellow, or any variety of colors available for their desired and useful purposes.  Changing the lights are the simplest, but you can upgrade to the HID’s, or Euro taillight assemblies.  Let us not forget the -NEON’s of the 90s—yeah technology is great when LED’s put better output than those old tubes that would pop every weekend cruise……..
  6. Interiors-  From full scale reupholstery, to the simplest of covers that change the unique and personality of the ride.  Interiors are a beast of their own.  Constantly evolving and ensuring the look is ideal.  From plaids to leatherworks, no imagination can be contained……don’t forget to swap out those dash undermount lights, to lighten the mood for that date………..
  7. Aftermarket Rims-  Custom rims are a industry of their own.  The single most important factor with the desire to add, is the knowledge and understanding that they could be costs associated with modification for the front suspension, body work, ect; in order for your rims to fit and not cause damages cause you forgot to not turn too sharp……
  8. Pinstripes and graphics-  These little things, and sometimes huge print-outs; always are a great customizer that is inexpensive and ensure and more unique quality of the car needing the upgrade. Sponsorships to the proud support of brands and logos-  provide each owner with a look of awe, when properly attached, cared for, and supplied.  I recommend you do not accept those bent graphics, unless you know the fundamentals to correct any blemishings found.
  9. Paint-  From the full on paint customizer, to the addition of some painted graphics because you would not dare put stickers that are to mimmick a true artistric application.  Mimmick—You would not dare…….—Why put a pinstripe when you can call the pinstriper to give you those proper lines on that proper paint and application.  We are kind of partial to painting, whether it is pinstriping by hand, design layout, to full fledge show.

No matter how you choose to customize that ride, do that which fits your ideal, means, budget, and desires.  Not only will you enjoy your ride that much longer, but the sense of pride in the ownership will also help assist with the forethought of care, maintanence, and upkeep for the life for you as well as any possible future owners.  From the simple graphics on the back window, to full restorations- The possibilities and needs are endless for the needs and wants of todays vehicle owner.

“Ride with Pride, Kustomize” Kris with Kustomzbykris.com