Asset Recovery

Asset Recovery and Repossession

I am the guy everyone calls, and no one speaks of

I have recovered everything but an airplane-  now just got to find someone willing to fund my license to Fly commercially—Then Oh boy—Might get me a TV show—–just fucking joking….TV is scripted, 100%>> had a producer tell me that….

Crazy thing is real repo men dont need to put their shit out there, nor do we carry a gorilla looking muscle head to do our dirt…  The reality is, most of us do recovery work alone, with help of our trusted skiptracers, if we got them.


This division of the business, is the “behind closed doors” portion, that we A) do not actively market to outsiders, B)I do this, because I finally got tired of the owners of the businesses that I worked for over the years tell me one too many times, “to stay in my station, and be a good worker, and keep finding the customer assets so you can save my business.”  To kick me in the teeth; that motherfucker was my best friend who had a business partner, who was Robbing him blind.  I was doing all I could to keep the customer’s assets coming, consulting so he knew what was going on- NOT ONE TIME EVER PAID for all my billed consulting for this guy-  Borrowing from a business owner, painting a pretty picture, and not listening to a word I was  telling him to do.  Guess I should have just stayed in my station, and kept my mouth shut- I bet you still running, cause I told you, you aint got to say i was right… i dont need your acknowledgement neither Old Friend…  Guess rich boys should stay in their station, and listen to the motherfucker trying to help.  Stations and All!  Not only got you extorted from, but got your ass into binds you cant get out of…. i told you…. guess this country ass hick should have stayed in my station, huh?!?



“What do we Recover”

We recover the follow types of assets:

  1. Automobile- cars, trucks, suv’s- exotic or luxury- We require keys for all luxury, exotic, and antiques, 3 days free storage for pickup, after 3 is $25 per day for standard automobiles.  Indoor or special needs are extra and per case.  Skiptracing-Transportation-Storage-Travel Expenses extra.  Exotics- case by case only
  2. Heavy Equipment-  Case by case, obviously a D9 will cost more than a D3 for recovery-  Transportation, Storage, SkipTracing, Travel Expenses Extra-  Storage begins following day-  Storage starts at $30 per day
  3. Boats, Watercraft- Transportation, Storage, Skiptracing, Travel Expenses Extra- Storage starts at $20 per day
  4. Semi Trucks- Transportation, Storage, Skiptracing, Freight delivery, Unloading, Extra Costs Associated with approved or Not is extra and Travel Expenses are Extra- Storage begins following day at $25 per day, any Trailers are extra.
  5. Voluntary-  $150 starting price, and go up.  Voluntary that Go to Recovery will pay Voluntary Fee Plus Recovery Fees.
  6. Cancellation fees- Start at Minimum $175, and move up from #1 listed above
  7. Door Knock- $125 minimum
  8. SkipTracing Investigation- with Provided Information-


Anything with a motor, i am an equal opportunity Recovery Agent…


Recovery Process-

When I am in a Recovery investigation for locating an asset; updates of recovery and provided information from Customer are Reported to the designated email address for the customer  My Reporting is very thorough; this give the Customer enough information where  they know what the house looks like in the initial; layout, asset on location seen, potential hiding locations, and animals seen……It may take me extra, but the information I provide is some of the best Reports: I do not mind verifying your information from other Agents-  The Customer is responsible for skiptracing information.

Now, know I, personally, stamp my name on each of these for the Customer. My name is on my work and since I have to place it to my customer, I want to guarantee my information and efforts.  The only way to ensure that is to be the one doing the recovery.  I am not cheap; however I am fair.


I started doing these, because I noticed that these “owners” didn’t know what the hell they were doing.  Few and Far between. Then 90% of the Recovery Companies I have seen, Lied to the Customer Paying them to perform……Stupid! and very Unprofessional!  They should Quit taking every thing under the sun; and perform quality solid work.  However, Sacrificing Volume does come with a cost of performance Quality.

If you are needing to contact me regarding your Recovery, Please feel free to contact me; Kris below on this form.  I will return your call at my earliest.


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