Basic Tasks Every Car Owner Should Know How to Do

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No matter the vehicle, if you operate or drive one, you should have some basic understanding of how the machine operates, and what should be inspected daily, prior to the operation.

Fluid Check-  Oil, Coolant, then Transmission– All these should be inspected daily prior to operating. With exception of the transmission fluid-  It should be checked immediately upon first cranking.  Most vehicles require the transmission to be spinning to check the operational amount of transmission fluids within each transmission.

Spare Tire-  The spare tire location and the condition should be known.  Even if you cannot change the tire yourself; when you call roadside assistance, they will need to know if you have a spare tire capable of operating the vehicle to your home or the closest repair facilities.

Maintain Maintenance Records-  Each vehicle should maintain maintenance records of repairs and services supplied.  This allows for higher values when trying to resell, but also give the owners assurance proper maintenance scheduling and timelines are met based on manufacturers recommendations in the owners manual.

Standard Accident Procedures-  Most Insurance companies operate a set of recommended procedures in case of accidents or claims.  These are the requirements they desire from those that are insured or operating insured vehicles.  These should be periodically reviewed and posted with each vehicle under policy.

Roadside Assistance-  Procedures and how to contact them for assistance should be with the Registration, Insurance, and Accident procedures.  Roadside Assistance is a service most should opt for with their insurance policy provider or aftermarket supplier.  This service is great value when you have to get a tire changed on a trip, mid night, or do not have a supplier known in the area.  These guys take the suppliers across the industry and maintain records for all coverage areas, safeguarding their clients in times of need.

Owners Manual-  Yes the owners manual should be in place for any service needs.  With the technologies of today-  the owners manual should be available regarding any questions about the servicing needs of the vehicle.  For instance, Tesla Roadside, should not start any repair, until consulting the Owners Manual-  This is the REQUIREMENT for the New Technologies that are appearing with needed services.  Owners should have the owners manual-  for the roadside service as well.  The roadside, providers, cannot remember all the details on every type of possible vehicle.  This is why the Owners manual is important to have in the car.

These are just a few things that you should understand or have a basic knowledge and review.  These things will help you when you need accident assistance, breakdown, and operational needs of the vehicle you are responsible for.  Clear Utilization and documentation are vital to the vehicles ownership, maintenance, and Value of the any vehicle which you have interest in……..