Emergency Towing, what to do to ensure a Smooth landing for repair

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It happens!!!  Coming home from recital practice; or even the baseball tournament!  Emergency—Car is Acting up–Pulling to the right—You manage to safety get through the traffic, however, now you need to call roadside assistance for a tow to a repair location..

This car should not act like that………Well,  getting out during the Roadside Assistance call for towing–You see transmission fluid, and a flat tire—-On the favorite straightaway–20 miles from home…..Roadside is told—-Now to prepare for the tow—

This is what should be done to help get the tow completed and to safety.

  1.  Turn your hazards on.  This keeps people off of the shoulder area where you hopefully parked.  It also acts as a spotter for the upcoming tow truck, needing to find you.  Notifies any emergency personnel, and alerts others to a possible dangerous or hazardous area.
  2. Stay in the vehicle until Help is on scene and says you can get out safely.  More motorist are hit waiting on Roadside Assistance, than you could imagine….  Plus what if the Service providers cant see you as they pull up……It happens at night—–
  3. When the Towing Company-Arrives—You need to get any of the following items to load your vehicle– Your Tow Hook, or Tow Eye, Keep Car Parked in the P or Parked position.  Leave the keys in the car, and stay to the far side of the truck during loading–this keeps you in the safe zone–and helps the tow truck not be distracted.  Keep an eye on the traffic coming up on the towing truck and loader.
  4. Once loaded—or being loaded–the operator may ask you to sit in the truck—The main thing is sit in the truck–do not mess with the controls on the truck–you could release  the vehicle and run over the operator taking you to safety………Do NOT push any or touch any buttons—–
  5. Confirm destination with driver–Any changes need to be reported to Roadside—Immediately—-
  6. Enjoy the ride—–I would always let the kids-  play with the lights and switches until we made it to the destination……Operators will get everyone safely out of vehicle before unloading—Confirmation of details and where the car needs to be place for any repair shops-  Extra charges are owners responsibility—-however—Overages are set rates—-Confirm all details you are signing for with tow operator.

Remember—-Stay safe during night emergencies–Leave the Roadside stuff to the Roadside guys–They are trained in their needs and safety, plus they understand what to do and not to do for everyone…..Stay in the vehicle until help arrives then get out if needed—-but 99% of time you will not be needed——-OK 90% 10% may need some assistance………