Major components of a vehicle and what they do

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Each vehicle while unique, all have some of the similar components to the applicability that it provides the owner’s and their family.  These components are the basis of operation, for those means of travel and function.  Each owner should understand what these are and their operation in the modern car and truck found today.

  1. Engine-  This is the powerhouse of the whole system.  It produces the power and flow towards its destination that you point and guide it. It also produces extra electrical power for the upkeep of battery, and functionability of the electrical components of the ride. The engine is typically found in the front—however we have a few rear positioned engines………Either way the function is the same.
  2. Suspension-  These produce the “ride quality” of the machine.  They keep the bumps outside, and comfort inside.  Multiple components make up this system, and does include the wheels, tires, and brakes.  Yeah, brakes are important, they keep you from hitting the other drivers, and help the vehicle slow down for safety.
  3. Frame-  This is the primary structure to the vehicle.  It keeps everything straight, aligned, and properly riding, these come in either frame style or are incompassed in the Unibody design feature found in manufacturers around the world.  Either way, they provide strength to the upper portions of the ride.
  4. Transmission and Rearend-  These two features are not in every vehicle.  The Rear End is only found in rear wheel drives.   It is used in these rearwheeled vehicles, as an additional gearing converter to the rear wheels from the engine.  The Transmission is the reduction or reducer gearing that functions from 1-5 gears providing power to push or pull the vehicle forward to its destination.  All vehicles have some sort of transmission within the system.
  5. Computer-  ECM, PCU-  The brain box of the whole system.  Todays vehicles utilize the flybywire system where the computer translates the control from the interior driver to the function of each part–more and more in the technology driven field we find the car manufacturers within.  However,  computers are still new tech, and it was not too long ago we had none and all were directed by cables and pulleys connected to the driver area.
  6. Cabin/Cockpit-  This is the area of riding and operations.  This area holds driver controls to the passenger comforts we find utilized to produce those comforts of home.
  7. Body/Shell-  This portion of the outer shell, provides looks and appealing qualities, for the viewers.  This also is the allure to most vehicles.  However most follow the same principles of housing the cabin, windscreens, and allowing drivers and passenger the protection from the elements of the world.

There you have it the basic fundament make up of the automobiles we operate today.  Whether it is a Lamborghini or the beater in the drive, these components make up the whole of the car, and why you, the owner, can ride in comfort, control, and sounds of joy found in your desired musical tastes.