Protecting yourself with Inspections

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Whether you are buying a new ride, selling an outdated one, or sending the Classic Car to a Auction, or Museum; you should always protect yourself and your asset.  No matter the reason needed to use an inspection service provider, the inspection provider is there on your behalf, ensuring that the asset is “as it should be” via a thorough, detailed, itemized session.

The inspector is there being meticulous, and completely covering each area and section of the asset, so you have a written report on the asset.  This meticulous and demanding service provided to you, the customer, requesting that all information on the target being inspected, be to the highest of standards so that you, can ensure that the asset is as it should; granting peace of mind in the endeavor at hand in which you desire.

Inspections are used for a multitude of reasons, such as:

  1. Buying of an asset
  2. Selling to a customer
  3. Transport pickup/delivery
  4. Auction transactions
  5. Verifying Repairs
  6. Finding damages
  7. Ensuring Pre-Repair Part verification, ECT>

When do you need an Inspection?

When you are wanting to verify, protect, ensure, question, the nature of your motorized asset is when you should order your Inspection.  Never Question whether or not, Guarantee by having the Inspection performed by a qualified person or company representative that you choose to have ensure that you are protected.

What should be provided?

You should be provided with your ordered Inspection, a) Findings, signed by Inspector and Authorized Company with Date and Signature b) Photos produced on site by Inspector c) Any Information needing confirmation before or after inspection d) Test Results from any or all fluids from asset in question after collection e)  Checklist of Inspection, as a certifying document to the Findings of Inspection

Basically, you get copies of all the paperwork for your records.

What Documentation should be onsite with Asset?

  1.  Title, and any Registration Documents
  2. Certifications
  3. Car History Books and Drafts
  4. Restoration Books and Drafts
  5. Insurance Document Requirements if applicable
  6. Appraisals, most recent
  7. Inspector or Asset Delicacy Requirements/Restrictions IN WRITING; ie gloves, no cranking, ECT.

What do the inspections cost?

Each inspection varies, and are priced case by case.  This is do to travel, time, expenses, requirements, tests, ect.  Once finalization of needs are ensured, the Inspection can be estimated only.  However, unless you have travel, extra time, expenses, or other costs for your inspection, most will be quoted and invoiced for scheduling and payment.  To have your inspection scheduled, fill out the contact form below and our associates will contact you in the order that your request was received.

NOTE:  If extra costs or overruns do show up during the inspection, we will not release finalization until invoicing is paid in full.

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